Benefits of Moss Roof Treatment

How it works:

How does Moss Removal Treatment actually work


Tried & Tested & Proven

MRT is a cost effective, safe & hassle free product that works over a period of time. Jobs have been inspected at 6 months after application then 12 months after application and as late as 2 years on – all showing amazing results.

Applied by qualified tradesmen, care is taken to make sure that water tanks are diverted and any close by plants watered down. Ideal for difficult access/steep pitches and varying roof surfaces MRT is a safe and effective cleaning method. Gentle on all surfaces, including pre-painted cement tiles.

Reaction times:

Green algae & moss turns a yellow-brown colour on application.

Black mould begins to fade by 3-5 months.

Badly contaminated surfaces, allow up to 12 months for noticeable changes.

Note: Each surface has a different reaction time due to how badly affected the surface is, this is a slow release product that is working hard on moss that has in most cases been growing on the roof for over 10-15 years. The results will be very pleasing and worth the wait.



  • No harsh high pressure cleaning
  • Penetrates into the moss to remove dark stubborn stains
  • Allows water to flow into gutters effectively
  • Stops build up of moss in the water courses
  • Breaks down to dust, does not block downpipes
  • Non-caustic, non-acidic, PH neutral, non-corrosive
  • Pet friendly
  • Ideal for large roof expanses ie schools, retirement villages



MRT can be applied to the following surfaces:

  • Corrugated iron roofs 
  • Laser light sheets 
  • Guttering
  • Terracotta tiles
  • Cement tiles
  • Pre-painted cement tiled roofs
Before Moss Removal1
After Moss Removal1
  • Difficult steep pitched roofs
  • Glass roofing panels
  • Rubber/decrabond roofs
  • Delicate/brittle tiles
  • Imitation iron tiles
  • Large roof expanses
Before Moss Removal3
After Moss Removal3
  • Pergolas
  • Solar panels
  • Skylights
  • Bricks
  • Rendered walls
  • Cladding/Timber decking
Before Moss Removal2
After Moss Removal2