Ballarat Moss Roof Treatment

Roof Cleaning and Repairs Ballarat

Application of Moss Roof Treatment to terracotta tiles.
Moss Roof Treatment on a terracotta roof with thick lichen growth.

Location: Ballarat

Date Completed: 22-10-2019

Ballarat has its fair share of rain, and has lots of terracotta tiles this equals mossy roofs with moss, lichen and black mould growth. The application of Moss Roof Treatment on the roof tiles will kill the moss and mould this will die off and break down overtime time killing the spores leaving a clean roof, all this without using harsh pressure cleaning. Many house designs in Ballarat are grand and not suitable for walking on due to steepness or design, Moss Roof Treatment is often the only choice to kill the moss and lichen as it is easy to apply and has great results.

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