Roof Surfaces

Roof Additions

Moss can also grow on your roof accessories/additions such as solar panels, skylights, chimneys and more.

MRT is perfect to use on these additions as it does not affect the surface or cause any damage that pressure cleaning may cause.

We apply the treatment to these additions as part of the roof treatment or separately if only concerned about those roof accessories.


Pre-Application Preparation

SWMS to be filled in by tradesmen

Trailer/Unit to be parked in driveway or safe suitable location

Tradesmen to set up safe work area – ladders, signage and block off areas

Tradesmen to discuss water access and diverting water tanks if required

Water Tanks to be diverted as a precaution by tradesmen or organised before tradesmen arrives at worksite

Tradesmen to set ladders and secure them

Tradesmen to speak to neighbours about work being conducted and discuss any concerns

Customer to move pot plants undercover to avoid overspray, tradesmen can also do this if required

Customer to organise covering valued plants and vegie gardens or organise with tradesmen to do so

Customer to move cars out of driveway/away from spraying to avoid overspray

Customer to secure pets away from working tradesmen

Tradesmen to wear appropriate Personal Protective Equipment

Tradesmen to check for powerlines

Work can now be commenced

Divert Water Tanks
Safe Working Area
Access to Water Required
Prepare Machine
PPE Worn
Cover up plants
Fill up with MRT solution
Secure pets from area


Tradesmen to apply Moss Treatment to areas specified in quote

Saturate green moss, black mould & yellow lichen

Tradesmen to take photos of MRT being applied for customer online system

Tradesmen to avoid roof access and apply from specialised ladders

Avoid walking on roof (disturbing tiles etc.)

Saturate Moss with Treatment
Apply treatment to Chimneys
Apply treatment to Air Conditioner Units


Tradesmen to wash down plants where overspray may have occurred as a precaution

Tradesmen to speak to customer - discuss what to look for – colour change in moss

Water tanks to be left diverted for 6-8 weeks or after 4-6mm of rainfall has occurred

Tradesmen to put up job sign

Tradesmen to upload images to online system for customer to view

Wash Down Plants
Put Up Job Sign

What To Look For After Application

2-3 weeks colour change from green to brown/yellow

Dead moss on ground- blown off roof

North facing roof sides clean quicker than south facing sides

Moss moving down the roof – piling in areas

First 6 months you will notice little changes on roof

First 6 months you will notice little changes on roof

6-12 months is where most of the changes are noticed for roof additions

- Areas that are more exposed to wind and rain will clean quicker

- Sheltered areas will be dead, but may take longer to be dislodged by the wind and rain

Dead moss will crumble into dust and when washed away it will keep the gutters clean in normal rainfall.

Dead Moss
Moss On Ground
Dead Moss On Panels
Crumbling Moss

Moss Roof Treatment is the soft solution for cleaning additions to your roof

Roof Additions Moss Treatment Application

Moss Roof Treatment is for those who just want to keep their roof clean!