Grand Designs

Large & Unique Roof Designs Moss Removal

Our home is our castleā€¦ rightly so but these can be difficult for access and several different levels. Moss roof treatment roofing service as ideal as once treated the roofing maintenance is kept to a minimum therefore less tradespersons on the surface.

See below some of the grand designs that our treatment has been applied too.

Lake Wendouree Mansion

Date Completed: 01/09/2021

Roof Type: Terracotta

The large double storey roof had a decent amount of moss and lichen growth which the owner wanted to get rid of, without causing damage to the roof tiles. He approached Moss Roof Treatment with the objective of cleaning he roof and keeping it clean for longer, he went to the right place! Using our moss treatment we are bale to kill the moss & lichen spores to prevent new growth and also cause the growth to break down and wash away overtime, leaving a cleaning looking terracotta tile surface. The product also acts as a residual and prevents new growth from occurring which we have a 3 year guarantee on. If you have a large roof like this, please give us a call to get a free quote for a moss treatment.

Moss Roof Treatment is for those who just want to keep their roof clean!