Hotels & Shops

Slate, Terracotta & Imitation Roof Tile Moss Removal

MRT Is Great For Double Storey Roofs As It Is Much Safe To Apply The Treatment Than Use Pressure Cleaning. Using Specialised Ladders, We Can Reach Double Storey Roofs With Ease And Apply The Treatment. To Maintain And Keep Roofing Repairs At A Minimum A Moss Roof Treatment Is A Cost-effective Option To Keep The Water Flowing To The Gutters. Full Roof Restorations On A Double Story Roof Can Be Expensive, If The Roof Has Moss, We Can Provide A Quote For A Roof Moss Removal In Your Area.

See below some of the hotels & shops that our treatment has been applied too.

Rippleside Units

Date Completed: 21/10/2020

Roof Type: Iron/Colorbond

Shop Front Signage And Colorbond Roof.

Date Completed: 09/10/2017

Roof Type: Iron/Colorbond

Areas like shop front roofs can be difficult to maintain due to constant pedestrian traffic. Pressure cleaning these areas would be a painful to do as it will take a decent amount of time to complete and have to keep an eye out for pedestrians and cars to avoid overspray etc. Using a moss treatment it will much quicker and can be done early in the morning to avoid majority of the traffic. It will also last much longer than pressure cleaning.

Moss Roof Treatment is for those who just want to keep their roof clean!