Geelong West Moss Treatment


“After waiting for 12 months, the results are fantastic! I had my doubts, but it has turned out great! Thank you to the team at MRT” – John

East Geelong Moss Treatment

“Excellent service. Thank you!!! We will surely recommend you to family and friends!” – Carol

Highton Moss Treatment

“We contacted Debbie after seeing a previous job in a nearby Neighbourhood, which we thought was a particularly good job. After discussing our roof with him we decided to go with the Moss Removal Treatment rather than the full cleaning, restoration and treatment program, due to the good condition of our roof, except for moss and lichen growth. We are very pleased with his professionalism, care and thoroughness of his job. We highly recommend Deb & Connor.” – Russell 

Newtown Moss Treatment

“I was very happy with the advice and service I received. Connor was very helpful and pleasant to deal with. Overall, I am very satisfied and would recommend your company to any prospective client.” – Paul


Before & After Clifton Springs

Before and After photos of an MRT application in Clifton Springs.

Steep pitch makes it difficult to pressure clean, where as MRT can be easily applied!

Moss spots on your laserlight?

MRT being applied to laserlight area. This will kill the moss and prevent it from growing back for years to come. 

MRT in East Geelong

Applied MRT to this Pre-Painted Roof in East Geelong. Had years of build up, but now the product will work its magic and will see results in 12 months time.

Sebastopol MRT

This Iron/Colorbond is covered in Moss and Lichen! Luckily MRT has a solution!

Spraying the Moss with MRT is soft and long term solution to remove moss off your roof and sustain any further growth. 

MRT Benefits


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Another great product for the environment.

To learn more about MRT visit: https://mossremoval.com.au/why-mrt/

Multi-surface Moss Treatment

MRT is great for Roof surfaces, but have you considered other areas…?
MRT is not just for roof surfaces such as Terracotta and Slate. Its range of use spreads far and wide! Solar Panels, Laser lights, Pool heating, glass verandas, many more areas can be treated. It is best to get these areas done as well as your roof to remove cross-contamination.

Is it snowing in Geelong?

Unfortunately its not snowing in Geelong, but a new service called Moss Removal Treatment is saturating roofs around Victoria removing moss and lichen to let your roof shine again!